Still recovering from my injury in December, but I finally got back on the snow and just competed in BX at Wolf Mountain.  I switched into open class and hopefully will have some tougher competition.  Looking forward to progressing and killing it!!
Yo! I've been in Colorado for the past 10 days! I competed in the Rev Tour and placed top 20.. the snow conditions kept changing and it was snowing like crazy!  I'm looking forward to Mt. Hood.  I'm stomping front 5's and front 3's and can't wait to learn more!
sooooo stoked for winter! can't wait!!!

Mt. Hood


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Just got back from Mt. Hood! got to shred for 10 days straight! I learned a ton... I'm stomping my front 3's with a melon grab, nose blunt back 1 out, handplants,
This weekend I went to Grand Targhee and got some cool shots for my video.  I rode an awesome log ride, dropped some sweet cliffs, and found an awesome tree tap.  I think my video will be good and I will put it on my website soon!
Today I competed in boardercross.  I had four races and won the first 2 by quite a ways.  The third race was the semi finals and I lost my edge on a berm and was in 3rd place.  I got back up and pumped everything and made a pass on the last jump that advanced me to the finals.  In the finals I didn't get a very good pull out of the gate but I made 2 passes and came close to the girl in 1st and ended up in 2nd place.  I am going to work on my pull out of the gate so that I can do better in future competitions. 
Today I competed in slopestyle.  I did big straight airs off the proline and ended up in 6th place.  Next year I am going to work hard on spinning on bigger jumps so I can step it up!  It wasn't the finish I was looking for but I'm going to practice hard and work my way to the top.
Today was the USASA Nationals practice day.  I will be competing in slopestyle tomorrow and I'm feeling confident!  After the practice runs for slopestyle I headed over to the boardercross course and practiced doubling the rollers and getting a good start.  
Today I hit up the park at Copper.  I practiced on the pro line jumps and worked on a run for Nationals. The jumps were super smooth and a lot of fun!  On the rails I worked on front sides and tail press to front 1 out.  Fun day I'm feeling good
I came to Nationals two days ago.  Today was my first day riding the boardercross course. It was a lot of fun and pretty technical. I think i will do well.